5 Reasons To Read The Bible Quickly

Yesterday,  I finished the Bible for the second time in my life.  I’m ashamed that it took me this long to read through the entire Bible again, but I am grateful I finally did it.  I used this 90-day Bible reading plan.  I began in May, so obviously I fell far behind, but completing the Bible in 4 months instead of 3 doesn’t seem too shabby.

While I understand that most people don’t have the time to read the Bible as intensively as this plan requires, if you are a fairly fast reader and have the time, I HIGHLY recommend trying this or a similar plan.  I uncovered a gold mine this Sumner of benefits and reasons to read the Bible quickly:

#1 – The Big Picture

The 90-day reading plan I used requires you to read an average of 14 chapters every day. As such, this is not a plan to study God’s word in depth or notice tiny details.  You have to move QUICKLY.  But reading the Bible this fast gives you a breathtaking view of the Bible and God’s story as if you were seeing it from an airplane.  If the Bible were a movie, it would be like putting it on fast-forward.  Catching a broad, sweeping view of God’s story is beautiful and a perspective we rarely experience.

 #2 – Fresh Memory = New Connections

The longer you spend reading through a book, the more you are going to forget by the end.  Most of us don’t have Ezra fresh in our memories by the time we get to Matthew.  Reading through the Bible quickly not only gives you the big picture of what God is doing throughout history, but it helps you make connections and see how random stories make up a whole.  I especially enjoyed reading through the prophets so quickly and watching the slow demise of Israel and Judah.  I realized once again how incredibly patient God was with the Israelites, how often He called them to repentance and warned them of the coming judgment before His hand finally fell.

#3 – The Desire To Study

Because you do have to read so quickly, or, “skim-read”, as I like to call it (the subtle art of skimming but still reading every word…or ALMOST every word), you don’t have time to focus on the details or really soak in the words of a specific verse.  I found that the fast pace has given me the urge to study God’s word more in-depth.  I would often come across passages or entire books that I want to go back and study more later.

#4 – Filling In The Gaps

Before I did this plan, I realized that I had several gaps in my knowledge of the Bible, particularly in the major prophets and some of the epistles in the New Testament.  In particular, I realized that all I knew of Isaiah were the verses that we read at Christmas, and that I struggle immensely with reading Hebrews without falling asleep.  Now I have tasted Isaiah and discovered the intense beauty of Hebrews.  I am excited to go back and re-read these books in particular at a slower pace.

#5 – Sense Of Accomplishment

Maybe it’s just me, but I find that nothing motivates me to read more than finishing a book.  After finishing the entire Bible, I am excited and motivated to read it again with the bigger picture in mind and the knowledge that it is humanly possible for me to actually make it through the entire thing. 😉


Have you ever read through the entire Bible in less than a year?  

What did you learn from the experience? 

What stops you from reading your Bible more often? 


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Photo by Josh Applegate on Unsplash




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