To My Generation: The Work Has Only Begun

To my generation, to those of us who have grown up within the Church and are now becoming adults:

You are not your parents.  You do not have to be exactly like them in every way.

In fact, you shouldn’t be like them. 

We’ve grown up in a reformational church culture.  We’ve grown up in the homeschool culture.  Our parents and grandparents have made great sacrifices for us, they have made huge leaps in advancing the Gospel.  We should be grateful for that and thank them.

Is it our job to continue their work?


It’s our job to take their work as our foundation and make it better. 

As the culture around us continues to crumble, as our nation falls to pieces, our generation will be left with the ashes of a once great civilization that fell to ruin because it rebelled against God. If unbelievers keep killing their babies, one day, we within the Church will be the majority of our generation that is left.

It will be, and is NOW, our job to rebuild civilization, to reclaim culture for CHRIST.

Can you catch a glimpse of my vision, brothers and sisters? Please tell me you can. It’s glorious.

Do you realize the amount of creativity that this task requires?  Do you realize the FREEDOM, the chance to try new things that we have?

Pastor Duane Garner spoke at the Gen-NXT camp this past summer about the three stages of maturity: priest, king, and prophet.  When you are growing up, you are in the priestly phase.  You are building a strong foundation.  You follow a tight list of rules, you follow the “recipe”.

We are beginning to move out of the priestly stage and into the kingly stage, where more wisdom is required, but more creativity and freedom is given.

Now we can CREATE!  Now we can BUILD!

You cannot build without a strong foundation, and I admonish you (and myself!) to NOT  NEGLECT YOUR FOUNDATION. Keep building it, even after you move into the kingly stage.  Keep it STRONG.  Know what you believe, know what God calls you to do.  Feast on the Word daily, consume it with ravenous hunger.  This is your foundation.

But once you have the foundation, you can begin to build, slowly, carefully, making sure you are following the rules you learned in the priestly phase of life, making sure that everything you do glorifies, honors, and obeys God.

That is the exciting part, guys!

Your parents are wonderful, but they are not perfect, and they are finite human beings.  They cannot “do it all”, they cannot try every new thing and exhaust all possible ways of doing a single task.  We take what they have learned, what they built after THEIR parents, and we examine it.  “Hmm, what if we try it this way instead?  What if this way is better, what if it brings more glory to God and shines the light of Christ even brighter than before?”

My parents always told us that they prayed that we would be better than them.  And to those of you who grew up hearing the same thing, I know that as a kid, sometimes you feel almost guilty when they say that.  Don’t. Respect your parents.  Honor them.  Praise them and THANK them for everything they have done!

And then honor them even further by taking what they started, and making it even better.

If you have unfaithful parents, thank God for it, because you have an even greater and more glorious task before you.  YOU can break the chain.  YOU can be the first, YOU can be the one to pick up the pieces and say “Yes Lord, I will obey you.”

Friends, brothers, sisters, this is our great calling!

Let us not grow weary in doing good.  Let us not grow passive, lukewarm, “bored”. Let us run the race set before us, and run it well.  Let us always press further up and further in, striving always to become more like Christ, to bring Him more glory, to proclaim that He is King of the universe to more and more people.

The journey has only just begun.

The first step is always scary, but, like Frodo, let us step outside in faith, with thanksgiving and rejoicing.

Let the work begin.


Photo by Annie Theby on Unsplash

To My Generation - The Work Has Only Begun -


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