When The Magic Ends

The past two summers, my brothers and I attended a teen camp put on by our church's denomination (we are part of the CREC).  Each time has been a truly life-changing experience.  We spend nearly 4 days worshipping God together, singing, laughing, swimming, playing outside, dancing, learning, and fellowshipping with like-minded brothers and sisters in … Continue reading When The Magic Ends


September Goals

I woke up yesterday, rolled over, and saw red-gold leaves against a sliver of blue sky through the gap between my blinds and my bedroom window.  Fall is coming, ya'll, and I couldn't be more excited! September holds a special place in my heart.  I always felt like I have two "New Year's Days": September … Continue reading September Goals

5 Foundational Habits For An Organized And Productive Life

I love reading articles about productivity, organization, and ways to get more done, but sometimes the wealth of information on the subject can be overwhelming.  I am constantly learning that simple is better in almost all aspects of life, and productivity is no exception.  In the rush to try the latest hack or the coolest … Continue reading 5 Foundational Habits For An Organized And Productive Life